We’ve added more restrooms this year for your comfort and convenience during the fair! See the map above for approximate locations. 

Map Key:

Parade Information:

Parades are entertaining for crowds of all ages and their participants! The DeKalb County Free Fall Fair has four parades scheduled throughout the week: the Queen Parade, the Scout Parade, the Pet Parade, and the Grand Finale Parade.

Monday – Queen’s Parade

Sept 25th • 7:00pm

Wednesday – Scout Parade

Sept 27th • 7:00pm

Friday – Pet Parade

Sept 29th • 10:45am

Saturday – Grand Finale Parade

Sept 30th • 10:00am

Keeping the crowds at a safe distance from the parade is a priority for the DeKalb County Free Fall Fair. Our goal is to keep the parade routes open for all types of traffic to pass.  For your safety, please refrain from crossing the street during the parades.